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I wondered how one could possibly talk about history with their kids, at least from the part where beer-loving Gutenberg thought of using the wine press to make books, of all things. It’s obvious why he did it – he hated wine! But that’s besides the point. If he didn’t ever come up with such a crazy idea, … Continue reading


We’re visiting the grandparents in 23 days (in Illinois – worth revising traveling arrangements with toddlers). We’re visiting the grandparents for two whole weeks! Brace yourself, Mrs. Hillman! Breathe. I count the days to the visit but I will carve the days on my wrist until we leave. Visiting the grandparents – they may as … Continue reading

switching roles

Following the common practice of casual Fridays, I’d like to propose the “switch the role” weekends to people across the globe. It’ll be fun. In some parts – scary. Imagine a rapist switching roles with the raped…I think he’ll be tortured for a very long time first. Then killed. Killed slowly. Ok, imagine case scenarios … Continue reading

letter to grandma

Dear Grandma, I’m emailing you out of convenience, to correctly spell every word and, because I don’t have much time for you any other way. I know you’re slow with the reading, obsessed with the spelling mistakes, and likely to doze off any minute so I’ll be quick. You should know that I’m OK. People … Continue reading


An image is a concrete concept, not an abstract one. It doesn’t require much from the viewer to decipher its meaning. Just a pair of eyes. Culturally, we could misinterpret images, of course. But we’ll still ‘get’ it much easier than if it were a word, for which we need to learn how to read, … Continue reading