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Good morning, world! This is the morning news bulletin. You don’t have much time, and because you don’t have much time we’ve made sure you get news-updated on what’s been happening around the globe, while you were snoring away all night long, under your thick, soft quilt. Now drink your coffee in quick spasms, text … Continue reading


Gay parade, Trafalgar Square, London, July 7, 8. Why, I wondered, gays have parades? More than any other people, movements, formations, and aspirations? And the mess they leave behind – not very gay-friendly. What’s there to parade about nowadays? It’s not like you’re dating a chihuahua and you protest for marriage rights. The gay parade … Continue reading


I couldn’t believe what I witnessed, about an hour ago, coming back from the foodstore with my two kids (and one in my belly), with grocery bags, heat, tiredness, kids and all hanging on to me. Our neighbour, the one who is posting us warning, legal letters that he’ll sue us if we don’t stop … Continue reading


“Look back over the past, with its changing empires that rose and fell, and you can foresee the future, too.” – Marcus Aurelius I won’t be surprised if a new Umayyad, Sassanid or Persian empire arises from the rubbles of the Arab spring. The Romans are gone. The Communists remained on the dusty shelves in … Continue reading


On a ride in one, I thought about the unique behaviour we people act out every time we take the elevator. It made me laugh because I thought of all the elevators in the world at the moment of my ride (have I nothing else to think of???) and all those people arranged neatly, looking … Continue reading