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use media to socialize with your children

Here are a few ideas for parents and children how to use tablet/phone computers as social tools. The below is not an exhaustive list. These suggestions address parents with pre-teen children and parents who worry about screen-time and media ‘effects’. Nevertheless, everyone can adjust these to fit their tastes and family dynamics, to benefit from … Continue reading


I recently heard an incredible revelation. One that deserves publication. Publication in the most trustworthy business magazines, in history books, and in crossword puzzles, if possible. I’ve been a little demanding lately, haven’t I? Requesting positions in the UN, conducting tests in the Holy See. What’s next? Demand to have tea with the Queen of … Continue reading

of Madonna and all the evil tongues

Madonna, the singer, the artist, the director, a mother… I think the woman deserves blogs dedicated to her only. Not only one tiny little post on a tiny little blog like mine. Us, mere mortals, clash like grumpy demoted titans (or, old, sexually-challenged women) when it comes to what we think of Madonna. The good … Continue reading


I had the funniest opera experience in my life two nights ago! Venue: Anglican church (what???) Show: A fully staged La Traviata performance in it. Audience: My husband and I – first to get there, so eager and excited. My husband? He has collected “credits” as he put it, for agreeing to go. So, I … Continue reading