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of Madonna and all the evil tongues

Madonna, the singer, the artist, the director, a mother… I think the woman deserves blogs dedicated to her only. Not only one tiny little post on a tiny little blog like mine. Us, mere mortals, clash like grumpy demoted titans (or, old, sexually-challenged women) when it comes to what we think of Madonna. The good … Continue reading

letter template

Letter template (source, wikipedia) If we could address a toddler in the most official and serious of ways. (This was an idea that popped as a result of my constant struggles and semi-unsuccessful attempts (how’s that?) at dressing – not Addressing – my toddlers). [SENDER’S NAME]: your mother [SENDER’S ADDRESS]: at home, (mainly) in the … Continue reading

a mother’s thoughts

PG 14 years – do not read if you’re younger Prologue: The following is an excerpt from an average (sane) mother’s head – her thoughts about her children. Prologue of the prologue:  Read the box at the end if you don’t feel like reading the whole thing before that. Day – any one (Gregorian calendar) … Continue reading