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the trouble with media education in primary schools

Information and communication technology (ICT) lessons for primary schools, in Malta at least, must change. If there is even an inkling that primary school syllabi across the world aim to teach children how to retrieve files from CD-ROMS, how to work Word and Excel and make PowerPoints, practise technical skills using ready-made examples, this article … Continue reading

why schools should use digital media to build environments for children that can encourage creative production – and failure

There is no magic in becoming highly creative. Highly creative people – be those surgeons, poets, or stand-up comedians – are just excellent at making endless attempts in their fields. So highlights Thomas Oppong in the Medium, an online content provider. Simonton, Oppong continues, a psychologist who has long studied creativity, identifies, among other things, … Continue reading


Good morning, world! This is the morning news bulletin. You don’t have much time, and because you don’t have much time we’ve made sure you get news-updated on what’s been happening around the globe, while you were snoring away all night long, under your thick, soft quilt. Now drink your coffee in quick spasms, text … Continue reading


I recently heard from a friend of mine that by the time your kids turn 18 you end up buying them a car as a birthday gift. At least, that’s what she did. I couldn’t hide how shocked I was mostly because, when, initially I thought she said “a carD”, she joyfully corrected me, “no, … Continue reading

war talk

We had an interesting ride back from London, my husband and I. Behind us, on the plane, there was a couple with three young boys, about 7, 5 and 3, their ages. The eldest two were sitting right behind us with another passenger. The boys’ parents were in the seats behind, with their youngest sibling. … Continue reading