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We had an interesting ride back from London, my husband and I. Behind us, on the plane, there was a couple with three young boys, about 7, 5 and 3, their ages. The eldest two were sitting right behind us with another passenger. The boys’ parents were in the seats behind, with their youngest sibling. … Continue reading


Gay parade, Trafalgar Square, London, July 7, 8. Why, I wondered, gays have parades? More than any other people, movements, formations, and aspirations? And the mess they leave behind – not very gay-friendly. What’s there to parade about nowadays? It’s not like you’re dating a chihuahua and you protest for marriage rights. The gay parade … Continue reading


Yesterday I had the honour and opportunity to interview and speak with an established Maltese composer – classical composer if I may shock you even more – who lives in Paris. He came to Malta because he organises the annual International Spring Festival here. Quite an event for local standards. Karl Fiorini. I did my … Continue reading


Dr. Robert Emmons, of the University of California at Davis, conducted an astonishing experiment to his students. As Bronson’s and Merryman’s “Nurture Shock” goes to explain, Dr. Emmons asked college students to keep a gratitude diary for about 10 weeks. In the diaries, the students had to write at least 5 things they were thankful … Continue reading


What does ‘exponentially’ mean? In mathematical terms it means that from two things, two more will sprite, from them four, from four – eight, from eight – sixteen, from sixteen – thirty-two, and so on. In social terms that’s a lot of people getting connected in a short period of time. That’s what advertisers and … Continue reading