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The Economist’s cover hit it again. The article went about the fact that inventions occur at a much slower pace than before. Not only, inventions fare poorly in terms of their usability compared to the loo. You won’t get sick without a cell phone, or a smart phone, or a nano gadget, but just imagine … Continue reading


This post is not specifically about cultures. Rather, about an argument I recently encountered on the subject. I asked a guy what the current minister for culture in Malta does about the country’s cultural development considering that he also runs the ministry for tourism and besides other little things like, hm, his family. The person … Continue reading

tests for priests

I would like to propose to the office of the Papacy, to the Catholic Church and its ‘internal affairs ministry’ (whatever they have), to conduct two types of tests amongst priests, where the tests will be carried out be external researchers/examiners. The first test should be given in the beginning of priests’ schooling, as part … Continue reading

street names

Some streets are tidy and spotless (minus the chewing gum – those black spots on the asphalt). Some streets have vomit and garbage flying around. Some streets have prostitutes on them promising to take you for 20 minutes to heaven (unclear if travel insurance is included). Some streets have more hair saloons than actual inhabitants … Continue reading


On a ride in one, I thought about the unique behaviour we people act out every time we take the elevator. It made me laugh because I thought of all the elevators in the world at the moment of my ride (have I nothing else to think of???) and all those people arranged neatly, looking … Continue reading