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An image is a concrete concept, not an abstract one. It doesn’t require much from the viewer to decipher its meaning. Just a pair of eyes. Culturally, we could misinterpret images, of course. But we’ll still ‘get’ it much easier than if it were a word, for which we need to learn how to read, … Continue reading

the written word

Yesterday I had another three classes of 12,13,14 and 15-year-olds with whom I had an open discussion about media. This was my 8th focus group of children (since Jan ’12) to whom I listen and discuss the type of media they use, the type of content they love on TV or internet, and their daily … Continue reading

pizza and pas de deux

What’s a worse combination than having a takeout food with your husband and watch a program about the great Balanchine, at the same time (considering that your husband isn’t a ballet performer but a rugby player)? I literally tortured my husband one night. Unintentionally. We were having takeout pizza – how bad are we – … Continue reading


What does ‘exponentially’ mean? In mathematical terms it means that from two things, two more will sprite, from them four, from four – eight, from eight – sixteen, from sixteen – thirty-two, and so on. In social terms that’s a lot of people getting connected in a short period of time. That’s what advertisers and … Continue reading


Intelligent Life, in their most recent issue,¬†argued about which language – other than English – we should learn, in business and in practical terms. The argument on languages is worth thinking about, researching, and preparing for when kids decide what extra credits to take in school. Nevertheless, there are two funny points that I can’t … Continue reading