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Vorsprung durch Technik How automated are our lives today? Isn’t it amazing? We can just sit and do nothing. Well, not nothing – consume. We can consume our ready and available for consumption things because we don’t have all the distraction of manual work and preparations. Because everything is ready and automatically pre- pre- prepared … Continue reading


Christmas is over and all we’re left with is extra fat on our hips, presents we never needed, and a long to-do list – the so-called new-year resolutions – for 2013. The last one – new year resolutions – is a topic on its own, so I’d like to draw attention to the one special … Continue reading

cardiopulmonary resuscitation

It’s been a while. CPR urgently required – this blog has nearly reached a flat line. Unlike the very lively, kicking, sucking, puking and pooping baby I gave birth to 6 weeks ago. It’s a miracle – having a person come out of another. It’s a miracle how every tiny little detail has developed – … Continue reading


I recently heard from a friend of mine that by the time your kids turn 18 you end up buying them a car as a birthday gift. At least, that’s what she did. I couldn’t hide how shocked I was mostly because, when, initially I thought she said “a carD”, she joyfully corrected me, “no, … Continue reading


Fall is coming (autumn – for the English brothers). We should all welcome it. Inhale the approaching cool breeze and open wide our front doors to the marching league of germs coming our way, singing patriotic songs, hungry for a feast, grinning confidently with corroded teeth, burst capillaries in the eyes, green goo and all. … Continue reading