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I recently heard an incredible revelation. One that deserves publication. Publication in the most trustworthy business magazines, in history books, and in crossword puzzles, if possible. I’ve been a little demanding lately, haven’t I? Requesting positions in the UN, conducting tests in the Holy See. What’s next? Demand to have tea with the Queen of … Continue reading

of Madonna and all the evil tongues

Madonna, the singer, the artist, the director, a mother… I think the woman deserves blogs dedicated to her only. Not only one tiny little post on a tiny little blog like mine. Us, mere mortals, clash like grumpy demoted titans (or, old, sexually-challenged women) when it comes to what we think of Madonna. The good … Continue reading


Losing a cleaner is like losing your thumbs. You don’t realise how essential they are in everything you do. What bothers me though is not the fact of losing a cleaner but the unwritten status these people acquire in your life. They are the bosses. In fact, from a simple cleaner, I thought about many … Continue reading


Musicians have a strange life. Strange at least to accountants. Musicians travel non-stop. They live off a suitcase. Their work and personal life gyrates around an inanimate object. You’d want to make out with a musician (especially the rock-and-roll ones) but you wouldn’t want to nest with one. The worst thing is that, unless you’re … Continue reading

spin doctor

Don’t we all – mere mortals – need one of those? I just watched The Iron Lady. Besides well deserved ovations to Meryl Streep, I was deeply impressed by several of the messages that (at least what I thought) the movie conveyed. These actually begot from the ultimate one – Ms. Roberts’ (Lady Thatcher’s) ambitions … Continue reading