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the trouble with media education in primary schools

Information and communication technology (ICT) lessons for primary schools, in Malta at least, must change. If there is even an inkling that primary school syllabi across the world aim to teach children how to retrieve files from CD-ROMS, how to work Word and Excel and make PowerPoints, practise technical skills using ready-made examples, this article … Continue reading

table manners

We see them doing it everywhere. While they eat, while they commute, while walking, at restaurants, in the stores: Kids and young people staring at or doing something on their phones. But it’s not just them. It’s us – parents, educators, policy makers, pessimists, optimists – too. Before throwing ourselves into judgment as the mature-therefore-more-experienced-and-knowing, let’s consider … Continue reading

the complexity of Internet use

Mainstream media still has an important role in people’s lives. Therefore, the words they use and mass-spread  must be carefully selected and weighted. While mainstream media don’t necessarily tell us what to think, they do tell us what to think about. Not sure about the under 30s but whatever the media platform or news source … Continue reading


Once there was a taxi driver who lived and drove his taxi in the big American city. This taxi driver wasn’t originally born in the big American city. In fact, he had come from far away, from a place where, once, the very Spartans trained their warrior sons. He was disarmingly charming, unintentionally bright, physically … Continue reading


I came across several articles this weekend about fashion related to children. The word “kidult” caught my eye and I couldn’t help but write about it. Not about its meaning. That was simple. It means kids’ clothes replicating those of adults. But more about the impact valuing clothes at such an early age and putting … Continue reading