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I recently discovered a website selling second-hand stuff in which I could sell my own second-hand stuff. Without the imposition of insertion fees, I quickly uploaded a few of my own possessions – jackets, shoes, and the like – to try out if they will sell. If it doesn’t, no big deal. But if it … Continue reading


The sales period is crazy. Sales are now nearly over, but since they create such a commotion, news headlines, perhaps – divorces, too, I decided to dedicate a couple of thoughts on the phenomenon. My very first experience with sales in London this year, taught me a lesson. It also made me realise what a … Continue reading


The Economist’s cover hit it again. The article went about the fact that inventions occur at a much slower pace than before. Not only, inventions fare poorly in terms of their usability compared to the loo. You won’t get sick without a cell phone, or a smart phone, or a nano gadget, but just imagine … Continue reading


Tag-lines are a powerful tool as part of advertising. Especially the good ones (or, the funny ones). The picture below shows the packaging in which Ice watches – intended for teenagers, young people – are sold. The tag line is pretty clear. For those who haven’t figured it yet, it says “fuck me I’m famous!” … Continue reading


I don’t have the habit of peeking in the bins, especially when I’m on a holiday (with no intention of sounding arrogant or posh), but this one caught my eye and made me think of irony and alternatives. By sticking those labels on the bins, the local council has really taken good care of warning … Continue reading