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the trouble with media education in primary schools

Information and communication technology (ICT) lessons for primary schools, in Malta at least, must change. If there is even an inkling that primary school syllabi across the world aim to teach children how to retrieve files from CD-ROMS, how to work Word and Excel and make PowerPoints, practise technical skills using ready-made examples, this article … Continue reading

from risk to resilience

Research has identified a number of ways parents resort to mediate their children’s digital media use. This post presents a summary of these common approaches – some more liberal than others – to allow readers of this blog, some of you parents, to compare, perhaps re-think your own ways. This post also aims to invite … Continue reading

prioritize, socialize, make, take a break

Here is a table to clock in personal digital media use when children are around. Or not. Prioritize (but really!) Make a list of the things you need/want/must do. Review and modify weekly/monthly. Research shows that writing down tasks helps you achieve them. Keep the list/table flexible depending on your work schedule, life circumstances, personal … Continue reading

use media to socialize with your children

Here are a few ideas for parents and children how to use tablet/phone computers as social tools. The below is not an exhaustive list. These suggestions address parents with pre-teen children and parents who worry about screen-time and media ‘effects’. Nevertheless, everyone can adjust these to fit their tastes and family dynamics, to benefit from … Continue reading

rap song

I wonder if Shakespeare ever tried his hands at writing rap. The guy was good with the rhymes. Maybe he would have been excellent in rapping. Imagine, Richard III, the great rap tragedy. I tried writing rap. I have so much respect for rapper writers – it’s a hard business that…genre. I mean it. Apologies … Continue reading