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I recently discovered a website selling second-hand stuff in which I could sell my own second-hand stuff. Without the imposition of insertion fees, I quickly uploaded a few of my own possessions – jackets, shoes, and the like – to try out if they will sell. If it doesn’t, no big deal. But if it … Continue reading

cardiopulmonary resuscitation

It’s been a while. CPR urgently required – this blog has nearly reached a flat line. Unlike the very lively, kicking, sucking, puking and pooping baby I gave birth to 6 weeks ago. It’s a miracle – having a person come out of another. It’s a miracle how every tiny little detail has developed – … Continue reading


I had a series of interviews with part-time local (Maltese) models the other night. I wanted to cover the model profession for my Zone video website¬†and knowing that modelling and fashion are popular subjects among young people I knew a few related video features will attract online viewers (interviews will be available next week on … Continue reading


I came across several articles this weekend about fashion related to children. The word “kidult” caught my eye and I couldn’t help but write about it. Not about its meaning. That was simple. It means kids’ clothes replicating those of adults. But more about the impact valuing clothes at such an early age and putting … Continue reading


Just back from the usual afternoon stroll with the kids, on our way home, the car radio offers a pick-me-up tune from the ’80s. “She’s a maniac” from the movie Flashdance. I spin the volume button to the max and the kids immediately begin to shriek and shake under their seat belts with utter joy. … Continue reading