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My husband and I signed up for tango classes. Please, don’t laugh. No, we’re not in our ’80s yet and neither is this the ’30s, but I thought (me, who else), why not try and learn Argentinian tango! Now that we’ve mastered all the other tango since we got married, I thought it’s time for … Continue reading

hiding place

Anywhere, we’ll hide just about anywhere to get that little peace and quiet from kids flurry, household madness, mess, noise, spinning – my head is spinning just describing it. Back to happy place: best hiding place. The best hiding place of all? The bathroom! Long live the person who invented the modern bathroom. No wonder … Continue reading


Whatever happened to the good old beach going with nothing in my bag but a towel and a pack of cards or backgammon (iPad/Kindle if it was available then, for sure)? I took my kids to the beach today – been braving to do that on my own lately. What else could you do while … Continue reading


I love Sundays. The things a person can do on Sundays. Unless he’s a surgeon on call, or, a prisoner, I guess, his choice is limited. One can do gardening, for instance. Breathe the fresh morning air. Listen to the neighbours snore (it’s Sunday, after all). Wait for the sun to rise above the surrounding … Continue reading


I was thinking the other day, what if women, not men, turned naturally bald when they got older? It’s a common appearance among men to lose their hair, some even in their early 20s. But what if that wasn’t the case and men usually never turned bald? But women did? And I don’t mean Sinead … Continue reading