Welcome to this blog! 

The contents reflect on continuous research that takes place in Malta in relation to children, young people and their engagements with digital media. Parallels are drawn with research done elsewhere on the same subjects, and also on subjects related to learning, creativity, as well as parenting.

This blog will aim to address various questions on parents’ minds and questions that should also be addressed by other stakeholders in the lives of children, including policy makers and educators.

This blog is a platform that will also aim to invite parents, educators, and other researchers in the field – related or unrelated – who are interested in, have something to say, or enquire about in relation to parenting and learning in the digital age.

Last but not least, this blog will invariably stress the importance of the voice of children and young people. Their perspectives and agency must be acknowledged in the research and discussions related to parenting and learning in the digital age.

Who is this blog for?

This platform invites people to both read and take part in the research process: identifying issues, finding solutions, writing about them, giving suggestions, enquiring and so on.

This blog is for everyone related to parenting one way or another – from parents, to professionals who work with or advise parents, to educators, policy makers, to media representatives who write about children, young people, education and digital media.
Get involved!

  • Contribute with your own thoughts and suggestions
  • Share your observations
  • Ask a question

You can contact us by email.

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