mother’s day

I would like to propose to the World Establishment to re-word this celebrated day from Mother’s Day to Woman’s Day.
Wait, there is a Woman’s Day day already.
Or, was that one during Communism?

Mother’s Day.
I get the idea that society wishes to acknowledge all the moms on one day (because the other 364 days are just no big deal).
And what about all the women who aren’t mothers?
Can’t they have a Special Day day?
Non-mother’s Day? They should call it Freedom Day.
Wait, that name’s already taken.

I think Mother’s Day is a wonderful reason to celebrate but I think we should add a few more Day days to that one, just to respect everybody!

So, there’s Mother’s Day, there’s Father’s Day (so he doesn’t feel left out), there should also be:

  • Non-Mothers’ Day – booze allowed.
  • Non-Fathers’ Day – celebrated during World Cup, European Cup and other sports’ cups, vases, decanters…
  • Aunts‘ and UnclesDay – optional.
  • Cousins’ Day – if they have booze, make it a national Day day.
  • Grandparents’ Day – that’s the day after they’ve spoiled your kids and have just returned them to you. Parents mourn on that day.
  • Uninterrupted-Sleep Day – to be celebrated once in a blue moon, not annually. That’s for parents who have managed to sleep throughout One night without their kid(s) waking them up for any reason. Employers out there, please respect the holiday, grant a work-free day to the poor suckers!
  • The-Kids-Have-Finally-Moved-Out Day – that should be more like a week of celebrations. Why not move it to the Bahamas, too!

And other, unrelated Day day suggestions:

  • Cartoon Day – with the request from everyone to make a cartoon self-portrait!
  • Swap Day – everyone takes the role of the person closest to them for one day.
  • Swap Holidays Day – everyone celebrates other nationalities’ or other religions’ Days.
  • Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of celebrating Mother’s Day, even non-mothers can celebrate it because they have their moms to respect.
    That way I guess no one feels left out on Mother’s Day.
    But I still think that we rub Mother’s Day in the face of a lot of sensitive people out there.
    And by rubbing it in the face I mean all the advertising that’s going wild right now: buy this, go there, do this, drink that, all to celebrate Mother’s Day.
    I received at least 10 spam emails while I was typing now – all telling me what to do because Mother’s Day is coming.
    Book a restaurant now!!! Mother’s Day is coming.
    Go shopping because Mother’s Day is coming.
    Buy those flowers because Mother’s Day is coming.
    Stock up your basement on beans and tuna fish cans, because Mother’s Day is coming.
    Is Mother’s Day coming or Apocalypse?

    Nearly missed my point…

    What about the women who can’t be mothers – for one reason or another?
    So, they can’t ever celebrate any special day?
    And what about all those women who have chosen to look after other people’s (mothers’) children?
    Don’t they deserve a Day?

    I suggest we call Mother’s Day Human Beings Day and celebrate the humaneness in all of us.
    Those who are unsure whether they have any, well they better look for some.
    I’m searching…for humaneness…while booking restaurants and shopping in the shops for Mother’s Day…because Mother’s Day is coming.

    And when Mother’s-Day-Turned-Human-Beings-Day day is over, we’ll have another 364 days to search for and do more humaneness in order to be granted celebration again next time ’round.

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