I recently discovered a website selling second-hand stuff in which I could sell my own second-hand stuff.
Without the imposition of insertion fees, I quickly uploaded a few of my own possessions – jackets, shoes, and the like – to try out if they will sell.
If it doesn’t, no big deal.
But if it does sell,the site retains their own commission and I get my money.
The moment I uploaded a jacket it got sold the next day – an email told me.
Wow! Beginner’s luck, I thought.
It encouraged me to upload another item for sale.
By the end of the week I sold six items (jackets, blazers, cardigans).

I kept selling, a pair of shoes here, a blazer there, and with every parcel that my husband saw me preparing for shipment, his bewilderment grew and grew to the point, where I warned him not to freak out if he finds the wardrobe completely empty soon enough.
At that point I was ready to sell all his stuff!
And all the kids’ stuff, too.
I was ready to turn it into a business with the slogan

I unclutter! Big clutter, small clutter, anything for uncluttering, call 555-555!

And all the variations: unclutter thyself! Just Unclutter it! Because you’re worth it etc…

this clutter isn't in my wardrobe but my head totally feels like that sometimes...

this clutter isn’t in my wardrobe but my head totally feels like that at times…

It felt so liberating. I could breathe again. I didn’t want anything, anything.
Until the cash started coming in from selling the clutter that is.
The cash looked sooo attractive.
It just stayed idly in my bank account, in no use.
I immediately found one hundred reasons to convince myself why I had to buy a new coat, a new pair of shoes, and something new – now that I got rid of the old.
The sales had started on top of that.
The pain was too much to handle – cheap stuff, disposable cash.
Who could resist all this.
But when I hit the stores and came across the madness of the sales season, I froze. Well, I already wrote about how I felt in this previous post but the uncluttering  rehab I went to (referring to the second-hand website) had  made me immune to any unexpected temptations.
I just wanted to be free.
Free of all the clutter.
So, I didn’t buy anything.

Bless these second-hand websites!
And the unattractiveness sales creates in stores.
Along with more regular education on how some people around the globe live  we could all re-think a little before we buy more clutter.

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