hiding place

Anywhere, we’ll hide just about anywhere to get that little peace and quiet from kids flurry, household madness, mess, noise, spinning – my head is spinning just describing it.
Back to happy place: best hiding place.
The best hiding place of all?
The bathroom!
Long live the person who invented the modern bathroom.
No wonder it’s called bathROOM, because it is a room (with a locker and political immunity once you become its occupant).
Otherwise they could have called it a depository, or, as some less roomy places are called: dumps.

The bathroom is the perfect hiding place with the perfect excuse:
Whenever I call my husband, “can you come hold the baby for a second?” I always get the
“I’m in the bathroom, honeeeyyy!” excuse that you can never, ever possibly overrule.

No wonder we have all sorts of fancy in our bathrooms nowadays.
We have to justify our overstay in them somehow.
I don’t know if fancy made us stay longer in the bathrooms, or, staying longer made us incorporate fancy just to occupy ourselves with something while hiding in the bathroom.

Either way, the list of fancy is growing/changing with every season, like in fashion.
We’ve got newspaper racks, rugs (where to lay, if we need to take a nap, although there’s always the bath tub), side tables, all sorts of drawers stuffed like a lab; some people have TV sets installed, telephones, foot massagers, jacuzzis.
We’re a minibar and a microwave away to have our bathrooms ready to accept tenants.
The first applicants?
My husband and I.

used to be a toilet...

used to be a toilet…

The bathroom is just the best hiding place ever.
I love to hide there (shhh!).
It’s absolutely fantastic!
No one can blame you for anything.
“Honey, I’m in the bathroom” with the little jingle in the voice.
“Honey, I’m in the bathroom”, translated: “honey, you take care of the kids no matter what, I’m totally excused and you can’t get me out of here unless you bulldoze the walls and crane me out of the debris.”

Nothing beats the “I’m in the bathroom” excuse when you want to run away from kids and responsibility.

It’s just nature calling…the need to pee, peace and quiet.
Kids should grant us that.
I should grant my husband with it, too.

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