I can’t hide my excitement about my family and I going to Chicago in a couple of months. In 65 days, 13 hours and 17 minutes to be precise.
But I can’t hide the fact that it’s insane as an idea, irresponsible as an initiative, and will definitely induce severe headaches, backaches, nipple-aches (for me), throat-aches (for shouting and repeating), and a variety of other aches. For that 10-hour flight at least.

The enthusiasm about the trip we have though, beats me.
Today, my husband and I had our first discussion of how practical we should be with the travelling – what to pack for the plane.
Two toddlers and a 4-month old require a lot of packing, but for the sake of sanity and long life – strategic thinking should precede the ‘lot of’!

So, those who are in similar situation, can either send me their life-saving advice on smart packing (carry-ons mainly) for a 10-hour flight (with a 6-hour stay in transit) or if they are as clueless as me, let’s brainstorm together. Here’s how my hubby and I went:

Packing for your carry-on for the plane(s):
1. Extra Calpol/Arfen/paracetamol-containing suppositories
Puts kids to sleep…apparently.
Never worked on mine, but people insist it does.

2. Portable dvd player/iPad/anything that produces trash TV
Load it with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes…for desperate situations, add Toy Story the scary episode with the nasty neighbour boy who dismantled toys and deformed them.
Afraid, be very afraid.
Fear rules people. Let’s hope it rules kids, too.

3. Snacks: read JUNK
Gummy bears work well for a short-term lapse.
They’re not the real junk.
So, pack the real junk!
Anything organic like dried fruit or fresh fruit, is a myth. Never works.
I say we pack the junk.

4. Pack extra change of clothing pack some more!

5. Toys
Rarely works, especially if there’s another kid across the isle fiddling with his monster robot.
But bring back-up just in case you need to trade. Hope dies last.

6. PAMPERS and the whole changing gear
Public toilets can be challenging. Don’t forget that matt you place on the changing table to elevate your kid from the nasty business of those before him and be friendly to those who’ll come after. Go insane but don’t be filthy.

7. Read what other partisan mothers and veteran fathers tried and tested.
Google, people! This is a matter of life and death.

A few things to Unpack:
1. Your toiletries and make-up bag.
You won’t have time to refresh.
No, you won’t.
2. Your book/iPad/laptop/fashion magazine – whatever makes you happy
A nail polish??? Are you serious?
Unpack now!
3. A game to play with hubby
Think about the fact that you’ll only have one window of opportunity to pee!

Why do people with children plan vacations…with children?
We are really stupid.
Vacation with kids is vacation for kids.
The parents just slave and don’t even get paid for it.
I know it’s not all bad, but I can’t possibly wave off the 10-hour craziness that awaits us on board of Lufthansa. And I still refuse to acknowledge the 6 hours or so transit time in between airports with no strollers – and, at some point, a worn-off Calpol suppository.

This ‘to-pack’ list is still a rough draft.
My husband and I have 65 days, 12 hours and 16 minutes to go over it and re-think it well.
We have to find a way to survive.


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