to borrow from a mockingbird

You know how everyone talks about classics but no one reads them (as Oscar Wilde would put it)?
I finally got myself around to reading To Kill a Mockingbird because my patience and curiosity wore off and, besides, I was really curious to find out whether the book had anything to do with a bird whatsoever.
I mean, what are the chances of someone writing about fowl and achieving Pulitzer?
Turns out it wasn’t about birds.
The point(s) of the book are so multilayered that I only risk embarrassing myself  in an attempt to present a possible analysis.
But this Atticus guy was a real cool dude, anyway.
What I came across, and took a note of, was, among other things like strong verbs, beautiful english language, and other advice, was one of Calpurnia’s instructions to Jean-Louise:
It’s not necessary to tell all you know – it’s not ladylike. People don’t like to be around someone knowing more than they do. You’re not going to change any of them by talking right – they’ve got to want to learn themselves and when they don’t, there’s nothing you can do but keep your mouth shut or talk their language”
Isn’t it a great piece of advice?

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