half-finished business

We humans love leaving things half-finished.
Or, rather, we hate finishing things off completely – completing things.

What’s the reason for never completing our business?
At least half of us don’t.
Those who do are likely to be in the Richest List, or…in prison…or in a psychiatry under treatment for OCD.
Most of us never finish anything completely.
Well, except for when it’s a biological need, I guess.
We finish things half way in nearly every aspect – just look at ex-colonialists and their half-finished businesses in Africa.
Politics aside, people have the tendency to start off a job with great enthusiasm and drop it soon after or even just before the end.
Don’t tell me the reason is because we’re not perfect.
This is just another lazy excuse to convince ourselves why we should drop the job half way before it’s completed.

I can write an Ode to the Half for what we leave half-way done.
We tell half the truth.
We’re half-conscious when we sin.
We’re half-hearted about half of the things that happen everyday.
The bartender brings me half a pint when I order beer – what’s with that? Because I’m a woman or because he’s doing half-a-job of it?
We live in a politically, religiously, socially divided world – always half of this half of that.
We look for our ‘half’ – and those who find it often end up calling them “my better half”, like you’re not enough and complete to yourself?
We’re asked to share (read “halve”) things with others.
Half the world knows not how the other half lives.
Don’t get me started on the half-full half-empty glass.
Of course half a loaf is better than none but I’d still have half a mind about it.
With all the media gadgets glued to our fingers we have half an eye and half an ear on our physically present company. And if our physically present company happens to be our better half, we can be really annoying to them for not giving full (undivided) attention!
I’ll lose half a day thinking on other lines that split something in half, making it unfinished.

Just look at this.
This is what you’ll find in my fridge.

unfinished business

unfinished business

My kids’ business of half-eating.
And that’s not all the half-eaten apples I found.
There was another half a dozen, half-eaten fruit that my mom utilised by making apple “snowballs” (unapologetically good pastries with apple, cinnamon and walnut stuffing).
Why I don’t give my kids half a piece to begin with?
The apples stay in a big bowl on the kitchen table.
Kids find them attractive, grab an apple a day and eat it (ok, half of it apparently) .
Good for mom – kids want fruit.
By the end of the week, I find 7 half-eaten apples shoved like unwanted orphans in the fruit drawer of the fridge.

The half-eaten apples aren’t a reflection of how kids will do their business when they become adults.
And it isn’t a big deal if they don’t finish their food.
It’s more how far they’ll go with their serious tasks that will matter eventually.

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