cardiopulmonary resuscitation

It’s been a while.
CPR urgently required – this blog has nearly reached a flat line.
Unlike the very lively, kicking, sucking, puking and pooping baby I gave birth to 6 weeks ago.
It’s a miracle – having a person come out of another.


my three little hedgehogs

It’s a miracle how every tiny little detail has developed – complete, perfect, with all its details, lines, cells: ears, skin pores, eyelashes, dimples.
Yes, my newborn’s cheeks are fully furnished with dimples.
Very Tom Selleck!

Yet, no single human being is exactly the same as another.
How is that possible?

A third baby, a month and a half later, and not to forget the Christmas madness (what’s that about, really? Do our children know what we’re celebrating exactly?), I am coming back to the computer – research papers, book, work, and blog.

After having spent the last 6 weeks in my nightie (more Victorian than Victoria’s secret) and yawning – the exhausted version of nagging – I thought I should kick myself in the butt and get out of the rut.

So, here it goes (all three ‘hedgehogs’ in my house now!), breathe, kick, live. Live again!

I’ve taken LOADS of notes on all sorts of topics – some odd, some ordinary, some funny – that I considered worth writing about and telling our kids.

So, stick around 🙂

And, for those for whom 2013 started on January 1st, Happy New Year!

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