letter to grandma

Dear Grandma,

I’m emailing you out of convenience, to correctly spell every word and, because I don’t have much time for you any other way.
I know you’re slow with the reading, obsessed with the spelling mistakes, and likely to doze off any minute so I’ll be quick.

You should know that I’m OK.
People say a lot about us – young people – that we’re shallow, self-obsessed, and suffering from attention deficit disorders, but that’s not entirely true.

We’re not shallow, Grandma.
Teachers always tell us to read books and follow the news, so I do.
Books are ok, although I’m not sure I’m very fascinated by the vampire motif so much.
But then again, they either drink blood, or spill it – like in the Capulet/Montague saga.
Classic stories, modern stories – all the same plot, different language.
We get it, either way.
The good should prevail.

With regards to the news, I follow it too.
On TV, on Twitter, and on other modern harbingers.
I’m only unsure which news to follow, since they pop up all the time, from everywhere, like smallpox pimples.

Besides, it’s confusing to know why bother with one news item, when it’ll be replaced by another one the next second?
Don’t get me started on history – that just becomes absolutely irrelevant to read or memorise, if one is to catch up on all the other stuff grownups produce for the media tubes.
Adults just have to make up their minds if they want us – young people – to understand what matters in this world.

But more importantly, we – young people – are very concerned with what happens to all the news that is replaced with new news? Do news people sell the old news (pardon the oxymoron) in second-hand stores, or, do they send it to third world countries as donations?

Grandma, don’t listen to people who also call us – young people – self-obsessed.
We’re not.
At least, we’re not the only ones.
Just see the culprits of every war and every economic recession.
Half of the world is in shit, dear Grandma, not because its leaders are altruistic.
And, while these same guys will be out of their posts soon, we – young people – will have to deal with the shit they leave behind.

My gut instinct is not to pay too much attention to media, Grandma.
Media changes its form like a woman her clothes before a first date.
Media changes its content even faster, but I’m not sure whether to blame media owners or confused scientists for that.
I do my own ‘maths’, if you know what I mean.

Before I click send,
I know what I’m doing, and it’s other than ‘waste of time’.

This is just My way of getting where I want to go … eventually.
The hurdles are different, even the path may be, but I’ll still become old and wrinkled like you one day.

Your granddaughter,
age 18

I study the subject of media and youth and read all these books that focus on analysing young people, dissecting their minds, and projecting possible future outcomes, but no single piece of literature ever mentions that the conditions in which young people develop and live today are a product and a footprint of the actions and behaviours of previous generations.

The intention here is not to blame or point out a fact, but to imply that if anyone has to work on their behaviour and actions, it’s not young people only.

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