Just back from the usual afternoon stroll with the kids, on our way home, the car radio offers a pick-me-up tune from the ’80s.

“She’s a maniac” from the movie Flashdance.

I spin the volume button to the max and the kids immediately begin to shriek and shake under their seat belts with utter joy.

A few seconds later, my hubby, who’s driving, turns in a way to address our son and hails, “We need to throw a bucket of water on mommy now”, referring to the moment when Alex, the dancer, performs in a night club and in her dance act water pours from the ceiling all over her.

As soon as he says this, hubby and I burst out laughing hysterically.
Because we both imagined the picture:
a heavily pregnant woman (me), dressed in overalls-turned-leotard (maternity ones, of course), trying to figure out what to do with a solitary chair in the middle of a stage, where, in the peak moment of anticipation, instead of pulling what seems like an old toilet siphon pump in the original scenario, her husband and son throw a bucket of cold water on her.

just add a 24-week belly on that silhouette and all the extra weight (which we consolingly call “retained water”) that comes with pregnancy…oh, and the moves are much less coordinated

My son and husband ended up singing “she’s a maniac” looking at me and laughing all the time, and I loved it.
Even though I’m the antithesis of Alex.

This made me think of what women go through during pregnancy.
The yo-yoing weight (imagine after a third child, the yo-yoing is more like an eating disorder).
Not very sexy.

My husband grabbed my hand and squeezed it suddenly.
Intensely, lovingly.
He probably wondered what went through my mind at that moment, although it was nothing miserable or begging for reassurance. After all, any non-pregnant woman could have thought, “hm, I’d like to be able to dance like Alex every now and again for my man…” without feeling put down.

Anyway, he looked into my eyes and smiled, in an unspoken “you’re cool babe” way.
And I thought, that’s worth dancing like a maniac and getting pregnant every year like a production line in a toy factory around Christmas – knowing that my kids are going to take after this man, and his attitude towards everything, exactly the way he is.
It is fantastic!

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