Watching the Wimbledon final and, every now and again, close-up shots of the Duchess of Cambridge, formerly known as Kate Middleton, and her sister, coquettishly posing supposedly unaware of the cameras, supposedly focused on the tennis game, sitting up in their comfy centre seats at the court made me think of diaries.

Princess: “I actually don’t know the rules”
Princess’s sister: “hahahahahaaa, me too!”

Yes, diaries, of all things.

Princess diaries, ‘engagements’, to throw in a fancier word; an average mother’s daily diary; and a diary of…let’s say a Sudanese 14-year-old who is going on a special ‘journey’ to her womanhood – circumcision – for lack of a fancier word.

So, here it goes.

Kate Middleton’s daily engagements:
1. Meet a couple of presidents or prime ministers … what’s the difference anyway
2. Attend a seminar or a gala of some sort, or an auction, no, a charity event, that’s right
3. Watch a tennis match at Wimbledon (personal notes: remember to pick a white outfit…it’s the Wimbledon after all!), take sister with me not to feel lonely
4. Make schedule for tomorrow’s princess outfits and what NOT to eat
5. Smile at all times no matter what!

A mother-of-two, daily engagements:
1. Meet kids in the middle of the night, way before the appointed engagement – first kid, to change nappy; second kid, to take him to pee
2. Attend to the following: take kids to the park, back home cook lunch, feed kids, clean kids, clean house, put kids to nap; afternoon snack for kids, take kids to park, back home, clean kids, house, cook dinner, feed kids, shower kids, read story to kids, put kids to bed (after the 7th attempt)
3. Watch a tennis match, if possible on TV, if possible the whole game, if possible to be left alone (personal notes: remember not to bother about the stains on my shirt from this morning, never attempt to wear white when with kids)
4. Make schedule for tomorrow…scratch that – refer to points above
5. Smile at all times no matter what!

A Sudanese young woman’s daily engagements:
1. One note: remember not to scream during the procedure because they may opt for the worst kind of circumcision…
2. Smile?…for one last time.

The truth is, if I were a mother of a Kate, I would have been happy.
My daughter would be safe.
I’d definitely be grateful that she’s not a Sudanese girl, living in Darfur, to put it that way.

The circumstances are these, unfortunately.
Some people have more than others.
Some work very hard at it.
Some just marry it.
We can bitch about some.
Pity others.
The funny thing is when comparing the diaries of the prince with those of the pauper.
Or, is it funny?

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