Gay parade, Trafalgar Square, London, July 7, 8.
Why, I wondered, gays have parades?
More than any other people, movements, formations, and aspirations?

“do I look like I give a f*&^? “
“Why not?”

And the mess they leave behind – not very gay-friendly.

Lord Nelson wouldn’t have approved…

What’s there to parade about nowadays?
It’s not like you’re dating a chihuahua and you protest for marriage rights.
The gay parade blocking all of Trafalgar square yesterday was just too much.
Noise, mess, people, traffic.
It was too much mainly because I felt like the most boring person on earth – a mother of two kids, married to a very straight and straightforward husband.

It could be worse, of course – straight people parade.

Anyway, I thought about the purpose of parading and logged to check the word’s definition:

  1. celebrating something – ok, get that. Then, I guess, straight people could also go and parade, to celebrate their boring, ‘standardness’.
  2. marching in public in a formal procession or in an ostentatious or attention-seeking way.

There was my answer: seeking attention.
I realised just how vulnerable we people can be about anything.
We seek attention.
Cry of insecurity.
Beg for approval.
Like that T-shirt on the lesbian lady (in the image above) posed the rhetorical question, I believe that it’s exactly because people like her do give a fuck go and parade, protest, shout, express themselves.
Gays like her are just rebelling in their own, colourful way to get accepted … and become as boring as straight people.
But they shouldn’t and they mustn’t become just another boring, faceless segment of society.
Otherwise, whom would we take pictures of, discuss and arch our eyebrows at, thank for enjoying the wonder and surprise of this world and its mankind, if gays, too, become as boring as computer geeks and straight people?

Gays should parade their asses off and wear their sequins because life is too dull (unless you’re in Syria) for us to accept them as just another ‘tax payer’ living next door.
Maybe they could just keep it tidier šŸ™‚

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