why the title

I’ve been getting new followers every day since I resumed writing – after the May break when I was swamped with other work and couldn’t cope (too many socks to wash; too many pampers to change and a big research paper to finish).

I thought a lot about why I’m writing all this.
People who write, I think, go through these Kübler-Ross phases.
Of becoming a writer, not of dying.
Although, death isn’t unlikely to occur.
Anyway, the following are adjusted:

  • Denial – “I’m ok. Nothing’s wrong with me”, i.e. I have an idea, it’ll work and I’ll write it and be the next Tolkien, Dickens, or Hemingway.
  • Anger – why is it not working? What’s wrong with me? Why isn’t someone else getting stuck instead of me? Why are they rejecting my idea and not someone else’s?
  • Bargaining – I’ll give it a little more push, just a bit more. that’ can’t be it. They can’t just outcast me as totally useless. It’s impossible for my idea to be totally dying.
  • Depression – that’s useless. There’s no purpose of all this struggle. Forget it. It’s not working. Why bother at all worrying and pushing. This was stupid to begin with.
  • The Acceptance is the crucial make-or-break point where the writer either calls it a day and accepts that his idea is terminal, or accepts that it’s hard but there’s still point in it and adopts the attitude, “do what I have to, we all die anyway”.

Even if the writer is a blogger, I’m sure they go through such phases every now and again.
At least I do.
I’m somewhere between anger and bargaining.
At least for this blog.
So, thinking about why on earth am I writing about ‘what I’d teach my kids” and what’s the point of it, I thought, why not. I loved Robert Fulghum’s “All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten: uncommon thoughts on common things“; I loved “Sh*t, my dad says”, by Justin Halpern.
My version is somewhere between these two, with the foul language only after 9pm.

And that’s how I reached the bargaining phase.
I figured, the point of this blog is to share my ways and views (from personal experience) on how to bring up my kids. If my kids turn out to be successful – don’t ask me to define that one, so, let’s just say ‘fine’ – then there’s something right my husband and I have been doing all along (for which I was making notes here).
The blog, then, will be a collection of things that led to our kids becoming fine adults. If our kids turn out to be mass murderers, then it’ll be a collection of ‘what not to do’ to bring up kids as mass murderers.
Works either way (hence, bargaining)!

piano lessons, not the Suzuki way…

The fun part in it will be in waiting to see what will happen.
I guess, publishing this collection of ideas, views and ways of upbringing as a book will just have to wait a little 🙂

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