I had ran out of onions the other day and asked my man to go get a kilo.
It was literally, grab a bag, pay, come back.
Literally, that’s what he did.
But something wasn’t right.
When I checked the price I nearly got a heart attack.
€7 for 1 kilo of onions!

How is it possible to have onions on the market that cost €7 by the kilo?
Plain, white onions, I’m talking about.
Not pealed and not packaged in any special way.
Onions as the earth produced it.
And sold by an old crook, apparently.

And so, I went on a mission to find onions as expensive as these.
But I couldn’t.
And I still can’t.
The onions I keep finding in Malta range from €1 to €1.50 or €2 maximum.
All the way to the US I couldn’t find such expensive onions.
There, they cost about $2.50 for 3 pounds, that’s nearly 1.3 kg.
In the UK’s Tesco you can buy 10 kg of onions for £2.98!
Ten kilos!
That can cover your whole year of cooking with onions.
Throw in a couple of months on onion ring meals only.

I looked at onion prices like I was ready to invest on the stock market.

I don’t know how my husband did it, but I think, he deserved some sort of an award for finding the most expensive onions there ever existed in the world.

How is it possible that guys, in general, tend to buy the wrong kind of things?

It’ll either be rotten tomatoes, torn cartons of milk, definitely a few smashed eggs, or some strange food, that wasn’t on the shopping list, which comes in very colourful and very shiny and suspicious packaging.
Which will turn out to have an expired due date.

There are two possibilities for an answer to this question:

  1. men have to give something to their women to nag about
  2. men are happier, and therefore less bothered about shopping lists, than women

Of all things, gender stereotyping is the third thing I dislike because I like the way men are and I like the way women are.
I like the fact that we have our differences and the clashes between us are most amusing.

But this onion phenomenon couldn’t stop me from stereotyping that only a man could buy such an expensive kilo of onions!
I laughed so much when figured all this in my head and my husband joined in.
I laughed so much because I couldn’t possibly figure out how can this ever happen?
I grabbed the onions and went back to the store.
I told the grocer that it was a mistake and wanted to change the onions with another type.
With the €6.20 change that was left  I bought so many other fruits and vegetables that I even left a few cents tip.

But there could be a third possibility as an answer to that question above, especially if a woman sees the fun in all this – a man does these silly things, when it’s unintentional, just as another reason to have something to laugh about with his woman.

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