women and talking

What’s with some women talking so much? Well, not that I haven’t met talkative men. Boy, I have. And I can’t decide which one is worse – a man with a verbal diarrhoea or a woman. What’s worse for you?

Sometimes I talk.
Not in a symptomatic way, but when you have a quiet husband, one must compensate for the lost minutes of untalked time.

When I talk a lot, I have the feeling that even the laws of nature tell me, ‘woman, you talk to much’! Of course, nature has never been rude so far to tell me to shut it.

Here we are, my husband and I, in a taxi ride from Heathrow to central London:
Us – talking (me, mainly, as the story goes).
The taxi driver – driving.
The rain – raining (it’s Britain, we have to have a bad weather so we can talk about it)
The Queen – sipping her morning tea and completely being unaware of our existence.

Suddenly, my husband turns towards me and says, “honey, why are the windows at your side clean, and on my side so fogged I can’t see a thing through them?”

I had already noticed that misbalance of fog among the windows, and kind of, already had a theory about it. I just wanted to see how fogged my husband’s side would actually get.
“It’s, because I’m talking so much, babe. I’m talking towards you, we’re sipping from this hot coffee. I’m talking in your direction and my warm breath is fogging your windows mainly….” We burst out laughing.
“But I’m working very hard right now at the little triangular window there in the upper corner. That one just seems to refuse to fog even though I keep talking.”
We laughed more.


This one is just observational and, I guess, funny.
But, when it comes to talking, neither extreme is pleasant – from the non-talker to the logorrhoea sick.

Either of the two extremes, however, can serve as an indicator that something else is wrong with the person and not just his aversion or affinity to talking.
Communication skills – or, the lack of them – are just one thing to look out for when it comes to [my] kids.


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