Why shouldn’t my kids just love money? Anyone who says they don’t, is a fool, or a hypocrite, or somewhere in between.

What’s not to love about it? Maybe I’d hate the phoenicians for inventing it, because, now that we have it, it makes it so difficult. But, now that we have it, why wouldn’t you just succumb to it? Love it, dream of it, desire it, plan how to spend it. Have it and spend it! Have it again!

My parents taught me some things about money. One was – you work for it to spend it. And the other message I think was something on the line of – even if you don’t have it, don’t get so impressed by what other people do with it and don’t let it “pull you for the nose”. Don’t let it rule your life, may be the best translation.
Sounds like another “don’t list” that I could patch up for my kids.

Then, I went back to my long shelves of books and saw three dusty books by Trump. A lot of people may think he’s phoney or they may just dislike him because of all the hair thing, but I admire the guy and I picked the books up again. I thought, wouldn’t that be a great lesson I’d want to teach my kids? About money? About what Trump preaches (and does!)?

I’d tell my kids these:

1. Aim to get rich. It’s lovely to be rich. It’s great to have a luxurious holiday somewhere in the Pacific…Besides paying for your college, your kids’ college, and your other silly desires or other “necessities”, money is an asset that can keep you healthy (up to a point, but let’s be honest, it’s beyond quite a few points!), keep you good looking (fine, again, up to a point), keep your loved ones spoiled rotten and happy, travel, experience, try this and that, live life.

2. You can invest in your own dreams.

3. You can help a family member. And I’m placing this 3rd because, if I had put it first, it would have looked preachy (and it wouldn’t work on kids. To convince kids about the good side of money, you start off with the fun part!).

4. Accept the fact that, since you’re not born with the silver spoon, the cat and the fiddle, the shoes with velcro and other luxuries, having money means working hard. Just to keep the point short (albeit an important one), you’ve got to put the “10,000 hours” into your work and (hope you will) see a monetary return.

5. You can fly to the moon! I’d buy my son off with that one!

6. You can buy a boat and cruise around the world. You can visit the whole world. You can study anything you want. You can have a big family, lots of kids, and a big house, and you can spend your life spending it (the money and the life in a great, fun way).

Why not tell my kids to aim at making money and love it? “How” they’ll do that is not the subject here, right now. My point is really the money only. Period.

I have the feeling that a lot of people say that they hate money, the topic of money, the aim money. Why not? I’d say,respect it, want it, aim it. Money does buy happiness, and I’ll tell my kids that. It may not work that way for a wrinkled 90-year-old, childless, psychopathic, homophobic, billionaire Scrootch  (I doubt these exist, but that’s another topic), but it works for the Jolie-Pitts so far!

I’ve seen money bring happiness to a couple of my friends, too. One of them is right now dipping her post-natal bum in Mauritius as we speak, while her eldest is probably playing on her personal iPad. What’s to be judged or rejected about money? My friend and her family are soaking up the Mauritius sun, happy as the Barbarron family, and rich as Trump himself.

Yes, luxury is good. Forget about how some classicists portray the rich. I was brought up in a communistic environment where the “Capitalist” was the bad guy and the poor fellow (don’t think of a Chaplin character, please), was the darling innocent. This is not the way the world goes. The western world that is. The farther East you go, the more Paragraph-22 it works on your efforts. The farther South you steer, the more Decolonisation period things work any way you look at it.

Maybe the world isn’t nice and the order in it – unfair – but if that’s how the pons are organised, then I want my kids to aim at the Queen’s moves! Because the Queen has the resources to have a really good time and all the possible,oves on the “board” when she wants!

Of course, out of all this, my kids will have to know that money is hard work, 10,000 hours input, and never, never, never giver up!

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