My husband had a rugby match yesterday. His team won. This was an achievement for their team because they haven’t even managed to score last year, let alone draw, let alone me daring to poke “how did it go”. 

They have been winning quite a few games this season and it occurred to me something must have changed to turn the tide. I asked my husband how things were – now that I can “poke” on the subject. Their team has a new coach now who has an interesting methodology. But specifically about yesterday’s game, the coach made each player do something. While my husband was talking about this with great passion, our kids were around – also listening. 

The coach told the whole team – including substitutes – to think of something or someone and to dedicate the due game to that someone or something. They’d write it down on a piece of paper and go on the pitch and play.

My husband wrote his word whom he wanted to dedicate yesterday’s game to on a piece of Elastoplast. He stuck the tape on the back of his neck and went to play.

He felt so good about it because the game became a cause for him. It became so personal. He was playing because this game was a dedication to something very dear to him.
They did win the game and I’m sure it’s not only because of the dedication each player made. But it mattered that just one game (or one goal) can launch your most fierce perseverance, once you’ve set your dearest as its true meaning. 

What my husband wrote and taped on the back of his neck?
The words “my family”.
He is just the most wonderful teacher to my kids. That’s one of his lessons, I guess.  


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