I am walking on a minefield here but who wouldn’t want to teach their kids about race, sexuality, colour, religious beliefs, and why there are people who say one side in each of these is wrong or bad. It’s a tough one, maybe because you wouldn’t want your kid to turn against your own beliefs and credence; or maybe because you don’t want him to judge.

I remember my brother telling me something when I was a kid. Mind you, my brother is 3 years older than me, so he wasn’t much of an adult either. But his viewpoint struck me and I witness its truth to this day. He said, “Sweetheart, if we only were a minority in today’s world…minority always wins.” Witness the most recent of cases in UK, where a bid to to outlaw prayers before local council meetings was won by an atheist councillor. But what about all those (majority) who want these prayers to take place?

Cases like these beg to question whether being a minority for whatever political, religious, sexual reason is only a human right or sometimes has an added entitlement which sometimes uses the cracks in constitutions and law to get it its way through undermining another minority or a majority. Or otherwise said, is minority another word for “victim”?

I know from my professor, mentor, and a person I once called “my spiritual father”, that the more we are knowledgeable about everyone else, the more we become accustomed to our differences.

But I’m still inclined to believe that there is never an “equation” and “equality” when there are two people. That’s why I still don’t have an idea of how to bring up my kids when it comes to respecting minorities or defending minorities (not knowing whether my son or my daughter will end up belonging to a minority group themselves). Because, what about the majority of these councillors in Devon, who have received prayers for centuries, as part of a long tradition, now that the case was won by the atheist councillor? Not that it’s a matter of life and death situation, but equation is still the one thing ruled out.

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